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Spotlight: Historic Athens Theater
The Athens Theatre is one of the few existing examples of a classic American theatre in Central Florida. Once the centerpiece of DeLand, the Athens Theatre is a jewel of Italian Renaissance architecture. This historic theatre was designed in 1921 by prominent Orlando architect Murray S. King and first opened its doors on January 6th, 1922. On January 5th, 1922, the eve of the theater's opening, the DeLand Daily News declared the Athens to be "Florida's Handsomest Theatre" and "a gem of architecture". The theatre's name was derived from the vision of DeLand's founder, Henry DeLand, who sought to create a city that would be the "Athens of Florida". Visit their website.

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DeLand Area News
For Friday, October 31, 2014 (links are updated continually)

Nature Scenes: Eastern American toads live in eastern Canada and the central U.S.
Life starts for an Eastern American toad as one of thousands of eggs in long, gelatinlike strings that the female lays in fresh water. In about two weeks, little black tadpoles hatch. They eat plant material for a month and emerge from the water as young toads. These 2- to 3.5-inch leaping amphibian ...

West Volusia-area Calendar of Events: Oct. 25-Nov. 1, 2014
Saturday, Oct. 25 Early Voting Begins 7 a.m.-7 p.m. at two locations in West Volusia: Volusia County Department of Elections, in the Volusia County Historic Courthouse, 125 W. New York Ave., DeLand; and Deltona Regional Library, 2150 Eustace Ave. Early voting continues at these locations through Sa ...

Autumn in the Oaks returns to DeLeon Springs Saturday, Oct. 25
The DeLeon Springs Community Association will host the annual Autumn in the Oaks old-time festival 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 25, on the grounds of the historic Porter House at 5030 North U.S. Highway 17. The festival features crafts and music — especially bluegrass. A wide variety of art and ha ...

Meet the characters of DeLand’s past on Cemetery Walk Oct. 24-25
Once again, mist curls around the headstones as the daylight fades. Spirits take shape and speak to the hardy souls who wander among the graves. The ghosts of DeLand past have stories to tell, and they are eager for an audience. Be part of that audience 7-9 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Oct. 24-25, dur ...

Get a start on Halloween this weekend
Saturday, Oct. 25, will be filled with frights, parties, events, and other haunted fun, all around Volusia County. Some of the activities continue through Halloween on Friday, Oct. 31. The little monsters can choose from a variety of fun spooks Saturday evening. The Equestrian Center in Lake Helen i ...


Stetson University to Host Forum on Amendment 1
Florida’s Water and Land Legacy, also known as Amendment 1, will be the focus of a community forum at Stetson University 7-8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 29. The forum is open to the public, and will feature presentations by Florida state Sen. David Simmons, Volusia County Council Member Pat Northey an ...

Westbound I-4 to close next week near Daytona Beach
Headed to Daytona Beach for dinner and a movie, or some other nighttime activity? Be prepared for detours if you take Interstate 4 on the way home Monday, Oct. 27, Tuesday, Oct. 28, or Wednesday Oct. 29, as construction workers place large bridge beams over I-4. The work will cause overnight detours ...

Nature Scenes: The tale of Abby the cat
In scenic Vermont, 2-year-old Abby has only pretend cats for feline company, but two real boys for playmates, which makes her happy. Full of mischief and energy, she prowls in her home for excitement. She often tries in vain to catch bugs that are just on the other side of a screen. Playing with toy ...

West Volusia Calendar of Events: Oct. 18-25, 2014
Saturday, Oct. 18 Barberville Family Farm Swap and Market 6 a.m.-12:30 p.m. west of the Pioneer Settlement for the Creative Arts, three-fourths of a mile west of U.S. Highway 17, on State Road 40, Barberville. Call 386-469-9409. Keeping the Fight Breast-Cancer Walk 8 a.m. registration, 9 a.m. walk ...

Port Orange man shoots his three children, himself, after domestic quarrel, Sheriff's Office says
Shockwaves from a fatal shooting in Port Orange are reverberating throughout Volusia County today. Two children and their father are dead. A third child is in the hospital. According to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, the shooting happened after a domestic quarrel early this morning, Oct. 17, ...

US News
For Friday, October 31, 2014 (links are updated continually)

Look at me! 24 selfies of the week

The week in 37 photos

Photos that defy perspective
It all started when she kissed the Great Sphinx of Giza....

Meet the Top 10 CNN Heroes of 2014
They protect lions, teach music to injured soldiers and open new worlds to autistic youth....

CNN Heroes: Top 10 revealed
CNN's Anderson Cooper introduces the Top 10 CNN Heroes of 2014. Cast your vote for Hero of the Year at CNNHeroes.com...


3, 2, 1 ... what happened?
Teams of investigators were out at daybreak Wednesday examining damage to NASA's Wallops Flight Facility after an unmanned rocket exploded shortly after launch on the Virginia coast, NASA spokeswoman Rachel Kraft told CNN via email. NASA is warning people in the area not to touch debris if they find any....

'Science is not a boy's game'
STEM experts share their ideas on how to get more girls into the industry....

Obese dummies prevent road deaths?
Car safety testing has come a long way since the days of dropping cadavers down unused elevator shafts in the 1930s....

Woman in catcall video: 'Not unique'
What started as an expose of the harassment women face in public has turned into online death and rape threats against the woman in the video....

Dad says sons called 'Ebola'
Fears over Ebola have made the jump from pundits to the playground....

World News
For Friday, October 31, 2014 (links are updated continually)

Look at me! 24 selfies of the week

Kobani: Before and after views
CNN's Michael Holmes shows us dramatic before and after satellite views of Kobani....

Ebola battle through nurse's eyes
CNN's Nima Elbagir reports on the desperate effort to save Ebola patients from the viewpoint of those taking care of them....

Reporters' photos on the scene

How to vote for Hero of the Year
CNN's Anderson Cooper explains the voting process for CNN Hero of the Year....


From near death to Nobel Prize
On Friday, Malala Yousafzai became the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. But just a day earlier, she passed the two-year anniversary of the gruesome event that flung her and her cause onto the world stage -- the attempt on her life....

Music gives slum children a voice
A young woman's mission to share the dreams and aspirations of New Delhi's underprivileged children through music....

Who is 'Umbrella Man'?
Demonstrators wheeled out the looming figure under cover of darkness....

Watch landmark Cold War series
The struggle between communism and capitalism defined the second half of the 20th Century. The Cold War pitted east against west, pushing the world to the brink of nuclear war....

In photos: History of the Cold War

For Friday, October 31, 2014 (links are updated continually)

Flop the insanity! Ref calls match when five guys fake it at same time
A soccer match in Peru was abandoned after 5 players faked injury at the same time. Here's Nicole Dabeau with more:

Good luck charm? Scrivens dons mask for charity, gets Oilers' first W
The art of goalie-mask design has become increasingly that in recent years — art. But art, as they say, is subjective. And like in other forms, goalie-mask art can also carry a purpose. Just ask Ben Scrivens. The Edmonton Oilers goalie on Monday announced he would lend his support to the Schizophrenia Society of Alberta with a new program he calls "Ben's Netminders" — a program in which Edmonton-area artists diagnosed with the illness will design a goalie mask for Scrivens.

Oh boy ... what is Michelle Wie putting in her mouth this time?
Oh boy ... what is Michelle Wie putting in her mouth this time?

Too much lunch? Watch Steelers' Timmons lose his on the field
Football can be rough on the body ... and apparently on the stomach. Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons let loose with some vomit during the game on Monday night.

Bochy recognizes Buster Posey's great talent
Giants manager Bruce Bochy talks about what makes Buster Posey so special.


Watch Kyle Orton and Uncle Rico throw game-winning TD pass for Bills
Thank you for this, technology. 

Anderson Silva would be honored to walk to the Octagon with DMX
Anderson Silva talks about the possibility of adding DMX to his walkout entourage for UFC 183 where the rapper could perform his favorite track, 'No Sunshine'. 

UFC's Joe Riggs on scary gun accident: 'I shouldn't have lived'
Joe Riggs shot himself in the hand and thigh accidentally in August, just hours after signing a UFC contract. Somehow, he'll be able to compete in December at UFC Fight Night on FOX.

Seattle TV station hilariously mixes up Gary Payton and Peyton Manning
Graphic showed former Sonics guard setting NFL passing record.

Who lost the weekend?
Oakland Raiders fans got trolled pretty hard by Darnell Dockett during Sunday’s loss to the Cardinals. But they weren’t the only ones in sports who had a tough weekend.

For Friday, October 31, 2014 (links are updated continually)

Trip tips: Galway, Ireland's most Irish city
LONDON (Reuters) - Known as Ireland's most Irish city, Galway is making a name as its cultural capital.

Woman seen harassed on NYC streets in video gets rape threats
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A woman featured in a video in which she is harassed more than 100 times on New York City's streets said on Thursday that she has received dozens of rape threats after the clip...

Purple haze of jacarandas draws Japanese to South Africa
PRETORIA (Reuters) - Eighty-one-year-old Sachiko Asano traveled 8,500 miles to Africa to see jacaranda trees in bloom, one of hundreds of Japanese inspired by a culture of flower-viewing to make the...

Undercover French politicians sample 'real life' for TV show
PARIS (Reuters) - Eight French politicians will disguise themselves as citizens struggling with real-world problems in a TV show aimed at narrowing the gap between France's often remote political...

Sweet fracking: How U.S. oil boom fuels chocolate craving
NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. chocolate demand may get an extra boost from an unlikely source this Halloween: the U.S. shale revolution.


Group says piece of metal found on Pacific island is from Earhart's plane
(Reuters) - Researchers probing the 1937 disappearance of famed American aviator Amelia Earhart's plane said on Wednesday they now believe a slab of aluminum found decades ago on an uninhabited...

Dallas man's Ebola Halloween house draws criticisms in virus-hit city
DALLAS (Reuters) - A man who decorated his Dallas home for Halloween to resemble an Ebola hot spot has found that charities he wanted to benefit by showing it off are refusing donations from an...

Sweet fracking: How U.S. oil boom fuels chocolate craving
NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. chocolate demand may get an extra boost from an unlikely source this Halloween: the U.S. shale revolution.

Korea Inc targets 'golden singles' amid consumer slump
SEOUL (Reuters) - As South Korea's population rapidly ages, makers of consumer goods from washing machines to packaged foods and pet products are increasingly targeting people like Lee Dong-soo, who...

Filled with artifacts, ancient Mexican tunnel may lead to royal tombs
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - A sacred tunnel discovered in the ancient Mexican city of Teotihuacan is filled with thousands of ritual objects and may lead to royal tombs, the lead Mexican archaeologist on...

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